Anti Ragging SISTec

Formation of Anti Ragging Committee/Disciplinary Committee
Ragging is totally banned in Sagar Group of Institutions and anyone indulging in ragging is likely to be punished appropriately which may include expulsion or suspension from the institute &/or FIR may be filed in the police station with a public apology. The Hon. Supreme Court, as well as RGPV has reiterated the need to curb this evil practice from time to time. In this connection, SISTec will strictly enforce all the relevant norms, provisions, and recommendations enshrined in the various Anti Ragging Acts. All the students and their parents are required to enter into joint undertaking with the College not to get involved in any acts of ragging. Those found guilty of ragging are liable to be fined by the College and/or imprisoned by the law enforcement agencies. An Anti Ragging Committee, consisting of the following Members, has hereby been constituted to implement the norms and regulations of the various agencies vis-a-vis ragging:
The members of Anti-Ragging committee are as follows
Sr.No. Name Designation Position Contact No.
1. Dr. Manish Billore Principal SISTec Chairperson 8959909440
2. Dr. Kuldeep Ganju Principal SIPTec Coordinator 9993650569
3. Mr. B.S. Kushwaha Administrator Coordinator 9977949464
4. Dr. Swati Saxena Vice Principal Member 9424846699
5. Mr. Ashish Jain HOD Pharmacy Member 9425626556
6. Mr. Ravishanker V Choudri HOD ME Member 9993945547
7. Mr. Nitin Tiwari HOD CE Member 8817109170
8. Mr. Ujjwal Nigam HOD CSE Member 9589079925
9. Mr. Anoop Tiwari HOD EX Member 9826240282
10. Mr. Pradeep Patil HOD MBA Member 9977071852
The members of Anti-Ragging Squad are as follows
Sr.No. Name Designation Position Contact No.
1. Ms. Anamika Chandrakar Sports Officer Coordinator 7898591941
2. Mr Yogesh Sharma Asst.Prof Member 9826460258
3. Mr. Nitin Malviya Asst.Prof Member 9425475804
4. Mr. Arun Patel Asst.Prof Member 9993419156
5. Mr. Amzad Quazi Asst.Prof Member 9893137495
6. Mr. Rajit NairRajit Nair Asst.Prof Member 9907694424
7. Mr. Munendra Singh Asst.Prof Member 9713669009
The institute has designed a women counseling committee to resolve the grievance of female students.
The members of Women Counseling committee are as follows:
Sr.No. Name Position Contact No.
1. Dr. Swati Saxena Chairperson 9424846699
2. Ms. Leena Daniel Convener 9424455351
3. Dr. Pranjali Bisht Member 9893644814
4. Dr. Shweta Mukherjee Member 7354155194
5. Ms. Mythily Mahalingam Member 9713593373
6. Ms. Anamika Chandrakar Member 7898591941
7. Ms. Harleen Kour Member 9589216419

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