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Sagar Group Bhopal is involved in many ventures including Education, Construction and Yarn Manufacturing.
Sagar Group was started in 1983 and has grown since then to become one of Central India's largest business house. It caters to more than 1.2 Lac people with their ventures in Industry, Real Estate and Education. 
For the success of any organization its management should be effective. Hence, at SISTec-MBA we create managers who can perform miracles by running and managing the organization effectively. Well qualified performers add time to time exposure with the corporate world through seminars and workshops enhancing the students the management to learn and perform accordingly. The department of MBA aims and focuses at the upliftment of the student community or youth by giving them the challenges which they need to solve through case study. Management plays a vital part in the organization growth so the students of SISTec-MBA are trustworthy for this growth scenario. We inculcate in them human values and practical exposure to the developing world by introducing them with training at Agrawal Builders with superior quality of accommodation, SPS and SISTec for education level of management exposure and SMPL for its knowledge of spinning mill industrial experience.
Areas of operations of the Sagar Group are:
College Education : Sagar Group of Institutions
School Education : Sagar Public School
Real Estate : Agrawal Builders
Yarn Manufacturing : Sagar Manufacturers Pvt. Ltd.

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